Insurance policy language analysis for underwriters and enterprise.

It’s hard to find and analyze insurance policy language. GeniusForms can help you solve this problem. We can help you find key clauses, compare policy language or review underwriting submissions. GeniusForms combines our flagship features of Analytics, Rules, and Compare into one easy-to-use solution for underwriters and enterprise alike.

Our Modular Design

GeniusForms has been designed on top of these four purpose-built features. Select a feature to learn more.

02 —— RULES

Streamline underwriting review while reducing risk with Rules

If you receive custom policies, our Rules engine is for you. Users can quickly setup rules to flag specific policy language. Then users are prompted to review and approve the flagged language in a streamlined manner.

Take a side-by-side look at policy language with Comparison

With Compare, you can review competitor language or new versions with the click of a button. GeniusForms automatically lines up similar policy language so you can quickly evaluate differences. It’s magic. 

Identify language trends over time and across policies with Analytics

Look at policy data through a different lens, giving you valuable insight into your workflow. Our Analytics model can help you understand how clauses have changed over time. Get a deeper understanding of your insurance policy language.

QBE has seen great results with the RiskGenius platform in our North American business unit. We look forward to leveraging the company’s proprietary machine learning platform throughout our global business units.

David McMillan, Chief Operating Officer, QBE Insurance Group

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Look at policy data through a different lens, giving you valuable insight into your workflow. Unstructured data resides within insurance forms and endorsements.