Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank You for selecting ClaimKit (as “We”, “Us” and “Our”) and our new RiskGenius service. This Privacy Policy governs all of Your use of this website, the RiskGenius web application and other ClaimKit products and services (the “Services”). The Privacy Policy is entered into by and between You, the user (“You,” “Your,” Yourself”) and ClaimKit. Be advised that words are defined throughout this Policy, the Terms of Use, and the RiskGenius Manual  (the “Incorporated Policies”), which are incorporated into these Terms by reference. These Terms shall govern Our entire and on-going relationship with You.

By visiting and using the Services, You agree to this Privacy Policy and You expressly consent to Our collection, use and disclosure of Your personal and business information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to Our Terms of Use.

The Information You Provide
When using the Services, You may be asked to provide Us with Your name, address, billing information, and other business information such as claim numbers, identification numbers, contacts, and more. You may also provide Us with the personal and business information of other persons and businesses, for use with the Services.

When You use RiskGenius, You are required to provide Us with Your name and e-mail address. As a User, RiskGenius allows You to add new user information, request documents from other people and add custom fields of data that might include personal information. You may also send Your personal information to other users of RiskGenius by sharing files, requesting documents, or adding users. Likewise, You may receive personal information from others who share or communicate with You.

We store activity in accessible data logs to better help You understand what goes on within RiskGenius. Those Activity Logs contain personal information about You and Your activity, and are maintained and preserved for record keeping. Your browser session may also collect specific user data and store it as “cookies” or “saved passwords.”

How We Use Provided Information
The personal information that You provide, both as described above and as otherwise provided or obtained, may be used by ClaimKit to (a) provide You with Services, (b) improve Our Services, (c) provide technical support to You or others, (d) administer Your use of the Services, (e) personalize or customize Your use of the Services, and (f) provide You with notice of improvements, changes, disruptions and other information about the Services.

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address and the date, time and targets of Your usage may be collected by RiskGenius in order to accurately track activity within the RiskGenius application. This information is not shared outside of ClaimKit, except with Our analytics software providers, and is used for record keeping and analytical purposes only. To learn more about Google Analytics, Our software provider, please follow this link to their website. Also, this information may be collected using MailChimp contact forms (see their TRUSTe approved privacy policy) or support software (see their Terms of Use).

Information Disclosure
Your personal information is used in order to further the performance of the Services. We do not share Your personal information with third-parties, other than to those technical support teams that maintain RiskGenius, and to third-party vendors who provide website and hosting services to ClaimKit. But in any event, this information is not shared for the purpose of marketing.

ClaimKit uses Your personal information to create and manage Your account, to track Your usage of the Services and RiskGenius, and to communicate with You about the Services. You have control over the amount of personal information that is provided to Us and We strongly suggest that You use extreme caution when determining what information should be disclosed in RiskGenius, on ClaimKit websites and amongst other Services.

We host Your files using Amazon Web Services. Amazon is a worldwide leader in data security and privacy and We feel confident entrusting them with Your files and information. You can read more about Amazon’s services on Our security page or at Amazon’s website.

We may be required to disclose Your information and files stored in RiskGenius to law enforcement officials or courts of law. We will make every effort to avoid doing so, but We will take these actions when We have a good faith belief that disclosure is reasonably necessary to (a) comply with a law, regulation or compulsory legal request or (b) protect the safety of any person from death or serious bodily injury. In any event, We will promptly notify You if disclosure has been purposely made.

Changing Subscriptions
If You receive certain communications from Us that are undesired please use the “unsubscribe” features provided in the e-mail, or contact Us to have Your name removed.

Changing or Deleting Information
The personal information that is stored in RiskGenius may be reviewed, changed and updated at any time by simply logging into RiskGenius and clicking on Account Settings. If another User has superior administrative control over Your account, they may be allowed to make changes to Your account information or even disable Your account. If Your account becomes disabled, or You decide to terminate use of RiskGenius, You may request that We delete Your personal information from RiskGenius. Other personal information that We may collect or retain, such as billing information, may be updated by simply e-mailing Our billing department.

Data Retention
We retain Your information for as long as Your RiskGenius account is active or as needed to provide You with other Services. You can cancel Your Services at any time by contacting Your Project Manager. We may retain and use Your information as necessary to comply with Our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce Our agreements. Consistent with these requirements, We will try to delete Your information quickly upon request. Please note, however, that there might be latency in deleting information from Our servers and backed-up versions might exist after deletion.

ClaimKit Forums
On Our website, You may find a number of open discussion resources that allow You to interact with other users and ClaimKit personnel. These channels of communication include The Electronic Claim Blog, Newsletter, Frequently Asked Questions, EMail forms and other modes of communication. When using these resources, please be advised that information provided may be publicly displayed and accessed by others who use the same resources. Please proceed with caution while using these resources and refrain from disclosing confidential or private information.  ClaimKit also utilizes professional service providers to assist it in managing some of these resources (for example, its newsletter), and those parties may have their own set of rules on dealing with personal information and privacy.  Please ensure that You read the terms of any third-party provider.

ClaimKit strives to protect Your personal information. We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, in order to encrypt any information You send to Us electronically. The encryption process protects Your information, by scrambling it before it is sent to Us from Your computer. All data that is provided to ClaimKit by You, or on Your behalf, is securely stored in secure servers. Read more about Our security procedures and features on Our website. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the web can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Because of this, We do not warrant the complete protection of personal information. More information about limitations of responsibility can be found in Our Terms of Use.

Purging RiskGenius Data
At the conclusion of Your use of RiskGenius, You may request that We purge all of Your information and data from RiskGenius’s file storage system. In the event that You request such a purge, We will use Our best efforts to ensure that all files that You have submitted to RiskGenius are removed from our servers, websites, and workflow applications. We will take extra care to ensure that Your files hosted in RiskGenius are completely purged from Our servers and backups and that the information You have stored within RiskGenius is deleted forever. However, please be aware that removal from backups and redundant servers may take some additional time.

Changes to Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may change from time to time – and You are responsible for making Yourself aware of such changes. If a serious change is made, We will use Our best efforts to issue notice to all users via email. By continuing to use the Services after changes become effective, You agree to be bound by those changes to the Privacy Policy.