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Sink or Swim: A Mid-Term View of Virus Impact

“The cyber market was already hardening, so standalone policy limits were dropping as ransomware
attacks and other cyber events were a concern,” said Chris [Cheatham]. “It seems like those types of
ransomware attacks are only going to increase….everyone working at home only exacerbates the
potential for cyberattacks.


Business Interruption Claimants Like How Some Localities Worded Emergency Order

Please keep in mind that I am not declaring any particular language will or will not result in a valid claim
or successful litigation,” Cheatham wrote in his blog. “I am pointing out government language that I
believe will be used (and is already being used) by attorneys to support claims and litigation for COVID-
19 business interruptions.


RiskGenius launches COVID-19 risk checklist

It could easily take six to 12 months to understand if the language around business interruption, pollution, contamination, and a myriad other clauses creates inadvertent COVID coverage.